Bye Felicia, no really… Get out 

So yesterday there was a woman who came into the store to obtain her package that was sent here through the parks package pick up service. (I was on break at the time). For those that don’t know, package pick up is a free service that the park offers. When you buy stuff from the gift shops all over the park, it is sent to the front (my store) for you to pick up on your way out. That way you don’t have to carry it all day. 

I come in and notice this woman standing near my counter so I say, “I’m sorry, I just got here, but are you waiting on a package.” She then proceeded to give me the biggest stank face in the world “well yes I am and they lost it” I then ask if I could see her receipt just to make sure they didn’t miss it……it really wasn’t there.

I ask politely, “has someone gone to go get it?” At this point her daughter walks in cursing up a storm talking about how we were all stupid. I still hold a small apologetic look on my face. “Yes some woman who looked all big and better than thou said she went to go get it. A man-ish woman in a burgandy shirt.” I know all of the team members and supervisors in my area and had no idea who they were referring to, but how rude do you have to be to call another woman man-ish, especially when she is willing to run across the park herself to find your package. They see my boss walking up “oh that’s her….. It must’ve been a navy blue shirt, not burgandy”….. All I could think is how dare you call my boss, one of the nicest bosses around, man-ish. She comes in with a smile and gives them their package, apologizing profusely for the inconvenience. They leave, still cursing us. 

  1. Mistakes happen, even in amusement parks
  2. At least we didn’t make your rude self go get it
  3. It didn’t even take her 15 minutes (meaning she was booking it through the park) 
  4. That was the LAST item like that in the whole park, so you’re welcome
  5. A woman who is tall and has short hair does not qualify as man-ish. 

In this ladies defense, it was hot and her package should have been there. However, that is no excuse to get nasty with those trying to help, especially if it wasn’t our fault. We just hand out packages, we aren’t the ones making sure they get here (that’s someone else). 


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