How my mind works

I know I’m awkward. I used to shy away from it, but now I just embrace it. I don’t always think the same way others do and I don’t always like the same things that others do. I’d say I’m pretty eclectic in my interests which makes me know a little about a lot.

I feel that I have some undiagnosed social anxiety. Lots of people in one area really freak me out (especially if I’m expected to stay in that area). 

I always want people to ask me to hang out and do things, but when it’s almost time to leave I always feel anxious and think it was a mistake to say yes.

 I don’t like friend requesting people I know (or don’t know, obviously) on social media because I’m afraid that they don’t like me as much as I like them. 

I’m quiet until I’m spoken to directly because I’m afraid that people won’t think what I say is right or important. 

An outing with one friend is fine, but more than that it feels like a chore. 

When I finally do start talking to someone, I always go home and feel like what I said was stupid and then regret the whole encounter for the rest of the night. 


One thought on “How my mind works

  1. anxiouspenguin7 says:

    Yep I know those feelings but you know what people do want to hang out with you so that indicates you can’t be as bad as all that! Everyone is awkward everyone is different and if you have people around you that care about you the chances are that’s exactly why they like you in the first place…because you’re you…

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