So I got evaluated

At work, I just received another evaluation and guest service audit. The evaluation has three areas: safety, guest service, and job performance. You can either get a poor, satisfactory, or role model in each one. (According to some higher ups, you can only ever get satisfactory in safety…..). Poor means you don’t do what is involved in each category. Satisfactory means you do what is required. Role model means you go above and beyond what is expected. We get one of these every 30 days. In the beginning I was only getting satisfactory. Then I started to get role model in job performance. I was really excited because it is supposedly hard to get that. Then, finally, after taking all the pointers given to me by my supervisors, I finally got a role model status in guest service. I’m actually excited because when I first started I had so much improvement that needed to be done. What sucks is when I express my excitement to other team members they tell me they don’t care about their evaluations. I thought about it…. It’s not like we get a raise or whatever. In my mind, however, if I have to be here, I want to be the best that I can be. I want to show improvement. I like knowing my hard work is acknowledged. Is being a cashier at an amusement park a career? Well no, but it’s important to always do your best I would think, no matter how small the job. I wish others shared my view. 


Bye Felicia, no really… Get out 

So yesterday there was a woman who came into the store to obtain her package that was sent here through the parks package pick up service. (I was on break at the time). For those that don’t know, package pick up is a free service that the park offers. When you buy stuff from the gift shops all over the park, it is sent to the front (my store) for you to pick up on your way out. That way you don’t have to carry it all day. 

I come in and notice this woman standing near my counter so I say, “I’m sorry, I just got here, but are you waiting on a package.” She then proceeded to give me the biggest stank face in the world “well yes I am and they lost it” I then ask if I could see her receipt just to make sure they didn’t miss it……it really wasn’t there.

I ask politely, “has someone gone to go get it?” At this point her daughter walks in cursing up a storm talking about how we were all stupid. I still hold a small apologetic look on my face. “Yes some woman who looked all big and better than thou said she went to go get it. A man-ish woman in a burgandy shirt.” I know all of the team members and supervisors in my area and had no idea who they were referring to, but how rude do you have to be to call another woman man-ish, especially when she is willing to run across the park herself to find your package. They see my boss walking up “oh that’s her….. It must’ve been a navy blue shirt, not burgandy”….. All I could think is how dare you call my boss, one of the nicest bosses around, man-ish. She comes in with a smile and gives them their package, apologizing profusely for the inconvenience. They leave, still cursing us. 

  1. Mistakes happen, even in amusement parks
  2. At least we didn’t make your rude self go get it
  3. It didn’t even take her 15 minutes (meaning she was booking it through the park) 
  4. That was the LAST item like that in the whole park, so you’re welcome
  5. A woman who is tall and has short hair does not qualify as man-ish. 

In this ladies defense, it was hot and her package should have been there. However, that is no excuse to get nasty with those trying to help, especially if it wasn’t our fault. We just hand out packages, we aren’t the ones making sure they get here (that’s someone else). 

What really grinds my gears 

I applied for a supervisor position in my department. I have over a year of experience. I get excellent performance evaluations. All of the supervisors in my area love me and think I would be a great addition. Tell me why they are just keeping my application on hold and have been hiring nobody’s that can’t do the job properly. 

Sure they might have a bit more experience, but all my experience is here so I know how things work. Sure they might’ve had a great interview, but I’m awesome in everyday situations. Not to mention I know how to do everything that a supervisor has to do by pure observation. 

I don’t know. I just feel like I work my butt off to do everything right only to not see any reward. I wish I knew what more I could do to show them that I’m the right one for the job. 

Work friends are sometimes just that

Working where I do, you tend to get somewhat close to your coworkers and immediate supervisors. We become a family because we work so closely together trying to make the guests happy. I always go in with a big smile and everyone is happy to see me (even some not on my team). We become friends on Facebook, talk about our personal lives, and even sincerely miss each other when we go on vacation. However, recently some of the ones I thought to be pretty close to all went out and celebrated one of their birthdays. Usually I’m not petty like this but it kind of opened my eyes. If I had just thought of them as work friends, this wouldn’t be an issue, but I actually thought we were more than that. It feels like a slap in the face. I’ve only lived in this area for 2 years now and still don’t really know anyone except for work people. I only keep in contact with one friend from high school and one from college. I think I’m a likable person. Then again, I’ve never really been the first picked…. 

I love what I do 

First, let me start by saying I love my job. It doesn’t pay much, it’s not in my degree field, and it’s not an all year long thing. I know what you’re thinking, “Wait, I thought she said she loves her job.” I do, really. “Well, what is it that you do that you love so much to put up with all that?” I work as a merchandise cashier in an amusement park.

Surprise! Yep. Vacationing families, roller coasters, delicious foods, fun shows, the works. I love it. It’s so much better than working in say a department store. I’m there to make their vacation more comfortable and provide them with something to remember their trip. The people that come into my store, for the most part are happy to be there. Unlike someone who goes to their local supermarket, these guests aren’t there as a chore, but a choice, and that makes it so much better. 

As someone who knows how things work, I wanted to give you some tips and facts to making your next vacation to an amusement park even better.

1. Free water cups

Ask and see if your destination offers free waters cups from culinary locations. Odds are you are vacationing in the summer and it’s hot. There is no reason to be spending $4 on a bottle of water when you could be getting small cups for free all day. 

2. If they have package pickup, use it

At the park I work at, we have package pickup. Buy anything from the gifts shops or photo places and then have it sent to the front of the park for you to pick up later in the day. However, make sure you know what time it is gauranteed to be there. Just because you buy something from the store at 2:30 does not mean it will be ready at the front at 3pm. 

3. You don’t necessarily need a map

Sure they are nice to have, but it’s not necessary. Public maps ar posted all around most parks for that very reason. Odds are, if you aren’t there right as the park opens, you won’t get a map in the beginning. Don’t freak out. At these public maps around the park there is usually a box with maps in them for your convenience. So if you don’t get one when you come in, it’s ok. 

4. Quick line passes

All I will say about this is check out the lines first. Don’t waste $25-$50 dollars on this pass right when you walk in unless you KNOW it’s busy. You can probably purchase these passes in other areas of the park later if you decide you don’t want to wait in the lines. 

Well that’s all the main knowledge I have for you.