For once in my life I’m going to play hookie tomorrow. A friend invited me to an adult girls day pool party. I haven’t done anything fun all summer because work got in the way. I haven’t had a girls day in forever because I work with mostly guys and live with all guys. I deserve a day for me, especially the day before my birthday. Make some time for yourself, because if you don’t then you will end up like me. I don’t usually like going out and doing things, but if I go a long time without it, I start to crave it. It’s weird, I know. Can’t wait to have all the fun tomorrow. 


So I got evaluated

At work, I just received another evaluation and guest service audit. The evaluation has three areas: safety, guest service, and job performance. You can either get a poor, satisfactory, or role model in each one. (According to some higher ups, you can only ever get satisfactory in safety…..). Poor means you don’t do what is involved in each category. Satisfactory means you do what is required. Role model means you go above and beyond what is expected. We get one of these every 30 days. In the beginning I was only getting satisfactory. Then I started to get role model in job performance. I was really excited because it is supposedly hard to get that. Then, finally, after taking all the pointers given to me by my supervisors, I finally got a role model status in guest service. I’m actually excited because when I first started I had so much improvement that needed to be done. What sucks is when I express my excitement to other team members they tell me they don’t care about their evaluations. I thought about it…. It’s not like we get a raise or whatever. In my mind, however, if I have to be here, I want to be the best that I can be. I want to show improvement. I like knowing my hard work is acknowledged. Is being a cashier at an amusement park a career? Well no, but it’s important to always do your best I would think, no matter how small the job. I wish others shared my view.