So on my birthday I got my belly button pierced. It was something I’ve always wanted to do but I was nervous and I always thought I was too big. I finally had the courage and self esteem to get it done, and I love it. I posted about it on social media, just a status not a picture. I was so happy that I was finally happy enough with myself to get the piercing. So this lady, who I knew from my childhood church commented “why?” I HATE this comment. Why? “Because I wanted to” is all I said. I know she is judging me. I know that she either thinks it is dumb or sinful or whatever, but this isn’t something for the world, it was something I did for me. I don’t go showing off my belly button. It was all for me. I like the way it looks and how I feel with it. I didn’t mark/gash my skin to mourn the dead, so it’s not against the bible. I didn’t get it to impress anyone. The only important reason for “why” I got it is because I wanted to. Don’t let people try to make you feel guilty for personal decisions. Why does she wear makeup, or have pierced ears, or cut her hair? She is modifying her look. She is doing that for herself for whatever reason. And do I care? No! Why should I. Ok rant over.


Can’t we all just get along 

It almost kills me every day to go on social media. Everyone is fighting with one another over things that are purely opinionated. I am glad to see that people don’t idly sit by and not have a voice about subject matter, however when I see friends fighting and blocking each other (scary thought) I start to think this is getting out of control. You think the confederate flag should stay? Good for you, share your piece and then move on. You believe that cops are out to get you? Cool story, share and then move on. Unless you have a well researched plan to fix it, there doesn’t need to be this long drawn out conversation about an opinion. OPINION. Not fact. Your side can’t be proven or disproven. Meanwhile there are things going on in the world that we can control or fix and we are totally ignoring it just because our feelings are hurt. And as far as social media, or media in general, don’t believe everything you see and hear. I’m sure you’ve heard that before, but it is so true. There is always another side, or unrevealed facts. Ok rant over. Peace out cub scouts.