Stressing about everything

A lot has happened since last we spoke….. Or since last I spoke I suppose…. My car broke down on the way to my camping trip, so I was all anxious for nothing because I wasn’t even able to go. My car is now parked in front of my apartment. Engine won’t even turn on. So there’s that. Some say it might not even be worth fixing…not like I have the money for that anyway.

The other night I got an email saying I was 2 months behind on paying back my student loans. I wasn’t even informed I was supposed to start paying that back now. Of course the monthly payment is more than one of my paychecks. I haven’t told my husband about it because I don’t want him to worry about it just yet. 

And to top it all off, there was an incident at work involving me and another team member and 2 supervisors. I won’t give details but according to our boss, I wouldn’t get in trouble for admitting what happened. I told them I didn’t remember fully but gave them what I did know. Then they came back telling me that my story didn’t match so they might have to get hr involved because if I’m found purposefully fabricating my story, I could get fired. Fantastic. 

So all in all I’m pretty much a ball of stress. I don’t know how I keep getting up each day because I feel like everything is just falling apart.